Qingdao Ming Hao Tong machinery equipment co., LTD., located in huangdao district, Qingdao city, was founded in 2001.The company covers an area of more than 10000 square meters, has a CNC lathe, milling machine, drilling machine, CNC shearing machine, bending machine, laser cutting machine and other advanced equipment, is the only country in soy food processing was established on the basis of soy products machinery and equipment more than 10 years professional manufacturers.

Qingdao Ming Hao Tong machinery equipment co., LTD. Of the trinity, has major soy products processing base in the local, have found the problem in the process of soybean production, timely solve problems in the process of equipment manufacturing, continuously improve the performance of equipment .At the same time, based on my accumulated experience over the years, I keep improving and innovating in the development of new products .At present our company research and development of new products stepwise intelligent automatic grinding units, high degree of automation, which can realize soak beans, boiler, pulping, boiled pulp for four work one person can complete, save Labour.

Qingdao Ming HaoTong machinery equipment co., LTD., dedicated to the different needs of customers to produce many different bean products processing equipment, has a big small and medium-sized boiled pulp molding machine, grinder 1 to 20 tons of soy products production line and automatic bean sprouts machine, electric heating steam generator, etc .Have specialized technical personnel and marketing personnel to tailor for the customer from the project analysis, plant site selection, overall planning, infrastructure construction, equipment, processing and manufacturing, installation, debugging, training guide, and later, and a series of product development, marketing a full range of services.

Under the company, Qingdao baifeng shengyuan food co., ltd. is the city's only QS certified soy products manufacturers and Qingdao vegetable basket project financial subsidies.We have successfully developed more than 100 mature technical products, and we can provide our customers with all kinds of technical training from bean curd, bean curd, marinated products, etc.

The company solemnly promises that customers will not pay if they are not satisfied.

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We have a variety of different bean processing equipment for customers with different needs. We have specialized technicians and marketing personnel to tailor the project from project analysis, plant site selection, overall planning, infrastructure construction, equipment configuration and processing. Manufacturing, installation and commissioning, training and guidance, and post-production marketing and other comprehensive services

Qingdao Ming Hao Tong Machinery Equipment co. LTD

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